Marvel Comics is a comic book company founded in 1939 by comic book writer-editor and former advertising executive, Stan Lee, and artist, Jack Kirby. It publishes comics and related media through its own Marvel Entertainment division and other subsidiaries. The company has been involved in the production of live action feature films, television series, direct-to-video movies, and theme parks.

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5 Deadliest Robots In Marvel Comics

While the Marvel universe is filled with some brilliant robots, there are also quite a few who are renowned across

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Marvel’s Judgment Day Declares Captain America a Failure

The Celestial known as the Progenitor harshly judges Captain America in an official preview for Marvel's A.X.E.: Judgment Day #3.

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10 Times The Avengers Were Corrupted By Outside Forces

The Avengers have faced many threats that sought to tear the team apart from the inside. It takes a great

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